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Miriam is the driving force for the Playpark.  She conceived the idea and must take credit for all the hard work involved - meetings, red tape, sourcing equipment, raising vast amounts of money.  She applied for the National Lottery funding.

What is this Playpark all about?

This is an inclusive playground where the equipment is almost all wheelchair accessible. The equipment is designed to encourage co-operative play and is large enough to be used by older disabled children who may need more space for wheelchairs and sometimes helpers.  A safe community space due to adequate fencing and gates, it contains sensory equipment such as sand, textured surfacing and sensory planting, along with tactile signs for less well sighted visitors and pictorial signs for people with learning difficulties.

Widgit Symbols

There are information points around the park for non verbal visitors and those who like to use Braille.

Parents and carers can download the Widgit symbols so that prior to a visit they can print off the symbols for use in the park.


For instance one of the symbols represents "I like", another represents "I don't like" and when added to the appropriate equipment symbol the non verbal visitor can easily let a pal know exactly what he or she really wants to play on.

Equipment suppliers - How can you help?

Please contact Miriam through the Contact Us page. We are always grateful for donations to help with the upkeep, insurance and general maintenance of the Playpark.

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